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Client's Charter

We strive to provide high quality services as our contributions towards building a Malaysian nation which is informative, pro-active and competitive by:

  1. Providing high-quality information services which are up-todate, current, accurate, comprehensive and easy to understand information services within fourteen (14) working days.
  2. Preparing objective feedback reports which are accurate, current and up-todate  within seven (7) working days from the date the issue has been raised.
  3. Providing effective media consultancy services within the stipulated timeframe:
Media Accreditation Card - 3 working days
Notes to the Editor - 2 working days before the actual event
Press/Media Releases - 2 hours upon receipt of the information
Promotions and Activities      - 14 working days
of the Department  

    4.  Preparing publication materials containing up-todate, quality and easy to understand and comprehensive information
         within the following timeframe:

Brochures and Posters - 14 working days
Notes to the Editor - 28 working days
Bulletins/Magazines - 56 working days
Books/Programme Cards                          - 7 working days
Coffee Table Books - 180 working days

   5.  Upload current issues or information online within two (2) working days
   6.  Providing expertise in visual communications and design layout, publication materials and the Department's external publicity, managing exhibitions which are informative and attractive, including multimedia productions and photography coverage within the following timeframe:

Design Publication Materials
Brochures/Poster - 5 working days
Booklets - 7 working day
Bulletins/Magazines - 7 working days
Pictorial Books                      - 14 working days
Department's External Publicity -16 working days
Managing Exhibitions -10 working days with available/existing materials
Multimedia Productions
Promotion on Television -14 working days
Department's Website -5 working days
Video clips (10 minutes'duration) -30 working days
Photography coverage -1 working day

   7.  Provide feedback to public or clients’ complaints within:

Acknowledgement of receipt - 1 working day
Preliminary feedback                                - 3 working days

   8.  Provide public announcement and multimedia facilities within 14 working days.

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