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Information Centres were established in the major towns throughout the country since 1945 to carry out such activities which are presently performed by Information Bureaus. Among the earliest Information Centres was the Information Centre at Java Street Kuala Lumpur which was opened on October 20, 1945. Information Centres became places where members of the public came to read books, listen to the radio and look at pictures of events within and outside the country that were on display. The Centres served as important channels for the purpose of disseminating information in urban areas.


Press Communications had been an important element ever since 1945. The function of Press communications was performed at the Headquarters by the Press Relations Officers who were assisted by Reporters. They were responsible for carrying out news coverage and issuing Press Releases especially on official events related to government administration. Important topics included government programmes such as food production, health campaigns, health education, financial savings and other campaigns. The Division also conducted Press Conferences and ensured accurate reporting by the Media.

Until 1947, this Division had five sections:

Press Releases SectionEssential News SectionNewspapers Cutting LibraryProduction of articles for publications in foreign magazines especially in England for the purpose of making Malaya knownTranslation Section

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