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The Department has published various materials such as posters and pamphlets ever since its inception. In 1946, the Department published 14 book titles besides the Departmental newsletter known as Malayan Observer. Malayan Observer contained news about government activities and current events in Malaya. A Tamil edition of this newsletter was also published for distribution in the estates. The Department also published books that could be used as reference materials. In 1946, the Department published and translated ‘The History of the Second World War” which was used in schools. Besides that, the Department published pamphlets especially on hygiene and cleanliness, food production and aspects of the Constitution and nationhood. Posters also featured as a channel for the dissemination of important information on hygiene and cleanliness, thrift and savings, welfare and dieting.


Activities on exhibitions were managed by a division called Artist and Caption Writers Division. This Division produced pictures and captions for display at all Information Centres and also on the display boards which were provided. Exhibitions served as very useful information channels for conveying vital information to members of the public, especially to those with lower reading ability. The Department participated in this activity and also provided its expertise to exhibitions sponsored by other agencies. At the end of 1946, for instance, the Department participated in the Royal Australian Exhibition in Sydney and the British Industries Fair.


In October 1946, the Department established a theatrical group comprising amateur artistes. They performed in Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan. Their stage performances consisted of plays, singing and dancing themed on the virtue of saving money and the importance of education. In 1947, Tamil Drama Party was set up and performed in estates especially in Kedah and Perak. This entertainment media had succeeded to attract the interest of the public.

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