SEHATI SEJIWA ACTIVISTS one accord created to instill a spirit of volunteerism among young people and the youth of the country through the value - the value of togetherness, unity and cooperation. Together - the success of the country's major activities and programs, this program is also seen as a platform for Malaysian youth to devote all efforts to encourage voluntary contributions to the country. Between your role in this program is as Zumba & Flashmob Happening Crew, Crew Jalur Gemilang, first Medical Aid Team, Human Barricade Team and other - other again.

Terms of participation are:

  • Aged 18-35 years

  • Healthy body and no physical disability

  • Interested in becoming a volunteer!

 With this, we are pleased to invite you to join us!

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Terms & Conditions

Each entry you as activists in one accord is under the responsibility and willingness yourself. In the event of any injury, death, or loss of property that occurs while you are undergoing, attending or returning from events and activities activists in one accord, Committee Program Activists in one accord, Information Department, Ministry of Communications & Multimedia Malaysia and the Malaysian Government will not responsible on things above.

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