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8. What is the function of PENTARAMA?

The function of PENTARAMA is to convey and disseminate the government’s official information, face-to-face or interpersonal communications to various levels of society through stage plays, providing informal education to target audiences with the aim to develop a positive mind and attitude for the community to fully understand and support the activities of the government.

9. Do you know about the People’s Information Centre (Pusat Maklumat Rakyat - PMR) and if so, please explain further on this matter.

The People’s Information Centre consists of a data bank of information and reference centre for members of the public and other government agencies of local state and national levels. It is available at all District Information Offices throughout the country.

The Information Centre also provides accurate and relevant information on the functions of the Department and other government agencies to the community. The role of the Information Officers at the People’s Information Centre is not only to provide information regarding the government’s policies but they also have the additional tasks and responsibilities to provide information through the counter, online including providing satisfactory reference and information to customers. Besides these, they have to provide both electronic as well as conventional reference to customers, receive complaints as well as refer any complaints to the relevant authorities, including handling customers’ enquiries by providing accurate and timely information.

10. Do you know about the responsibilities of Smart Community?

Smart Community is responsible in carrying out national civil and social activities, educational, economics and patriotic activities through a group of grassroot leaders who are the drivers/movers or motivators through the dissemination of information as well as to maintain public confidence towards the government’s leadership and the country, and promote and maintain national unity as a solid base for the country’s political, social and economic stability.

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