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5. List three of the Department’s Clients’ Charter

a. Provide quality information services, accurate, timely and easy to understand and to comprehend, within 14 days;
b. Provide feedback reports which are objective, accurate, timely and within seven (7 days) from the date the issue has been raised;
c. Provide professional and effective public relations services.

6. List the 10 Divisions in the Department of Information

  • Psychological Operations and Issues Management Division
  • Management Services and Finance Division
  • Visual Communications and Graphics Division
  • Media and Corporate Communications Division
  • National Policy Publications Division
  • Human Resource Management Division
  • Strategic Planning and Research Division
  • Communication Services and Community Development Division
  • Information Technology Division
  • International Relations Division

7. What are the goals and objectives of the National Narration Contest programme organised by the Department of Information?

The competition organised by the Department of Information aims to provide an opportunity for Malaysians to express their views, opinion in the form of Malaysian arts and culture through the National Narration Contest.

The Competition’s main objective is to raise awareness and understanding of the people of Malaysia through storytelling based on the ability of the citizens and participants using scripts and various face-to-face communication methods. Participants are also allowed to use other medium or aids such as computers, music, visuals, lighting techniques and other medium to attract or captivate the audience.

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