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The National Narration Contest aims at making a success the “Love for the Country Campaign” under the Department of Information’s ‘Setia Bestari’ programme which began in 2003.

The objective of the Contest is to create awareness and understanding of the people through the ability of each contestant to present a narrative based on a script and using face-to-face communications techniques. Contestants are allowed to use media communications equipment or media aids such as computer, music, visuals, lighting techniques and other medium to capture or attract the interest of the audience.

The Contest also aims at giving opportunities to Malaysian citizens to convey their views using Malaysian artistic and cultural forms.

Besides this, the Contest also strives to increase and instil the spirit of love the country and patriotism among the citizens of Malaysia through creativity and innovation, in building a nation which is integrated, peaceful and prosperous towards the year 2020.


  • To  encourage Malaysian citizens to express their views and thoughts regarding the Government’s policies through alternative media such as traditional arts, modern poetry and other cultural forms of the various Malaysian ethnic groups.

  • To enhance the people’s awareness, knowledge and understanding of national policies.

  • To stimulate script-writing skills and the ability to convey national messages through narration, with the aid of media instruments.

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